Artist Statement


I’m primarily a painter of landscapes and old buildings but this past winter I was having a serious artist block.  Painting seemed impossible.  I couldn't pick up a brush or even conceive of an idea for future paintings.  The muse had left the building!

Little did I know that the inspiration would come in the form of an old arthritic cat named “COWBOY”.  My sister and brother in law were going away for the winter and needed someone to take care of their beloved boy.  Of course we said yes...but wondered how our Golden Retriever Koda would respond.  Turned out that she kinda liked him.  He was cool and confident, walking right under her nose like he owned the place.  He was very affectionate and loved a good face rub but spent most of his days sleeping on the high back of a chair in our living room where he could survey the new domain and watch the bird feeder just outside the window.  He wooed us with his tender ways.  I decided to paint cats...for fun.  The muse was back.  I hope you enjoy them.

Check them out - Cats - Cats and more Cats.